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Did you know that most insurance plans WILL cover Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments without a referral?

Questions? Call us at (727) 709-3769

Let us verify your benefits for you!

We accept many insurance plans including:

All Auto Insurance

If you have any questions about your coverage, let us verify your coverage for you. Please be aware that there are hundreds of different insurance plans. In the case of injuries sustained in an automobile accident, Florida law requires Auto PIP policies to pay for treatment. In this situation, we accept assignment once benefits are verified. By letting us verify your insurance we can get you the best information about how YOUR insurance company will cover acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

To have us verify your benefits please call us at (727) 709-3769
or email us at:


with the following information:

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Date of Birth:

Your phone number:

Insurance Company:

Plan/ policy number:

ID number:

Group number:

All Insurance company Phone numbers listed on the card:

The condition(s) that you want to be treated for:

Location where you would like your appointment:



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